Freeze-Dried Acai Berry

What is the difference between Freeze Dried Acai and the Mass Produced Acai Berry?

Short of living in the Amazon and eating fresh Acai berries, the freeze-drying techniques retains the many benefits of this amazing berry. Unfortunately many acai products are mass produced and use a low quality spray dried acai that should be avoided. The first problem with the spray dried process is that it requires heating the acai to very high temperatures. These high temperatures remove many of the nutrients in the acai. The second problem is that the spray dried process involves using a carrier agent, such as Maltodextrin, to dry the acai. In the end, 40% of the "acai powder" is actually Maltodextrin.

By the way, you will not find Maltodextrin listed as an ingredient on the label. Because it is added during the manufacturing process, it technically does not need to be listed as an ingredient, due to a loophole in the FDA labeling laws.

The freeze dried process uses low heat, does not introduce carry-agents, and allows all the nutrients of the acai berry to remain intact. It takes about 7 grams of acai pulp to make 1 gram of acai freeze-dried powder. One hundred(100) grams of fresh acai fruit has an impressive antioxidant rating of 5,500 ORAC score, but 100 grams of high quality freeze-dried acai powder has an amazing ORAC score of 70,000. Therefore, freeze-drying allows the acai fruit to retain its taste, color, and, most importantly, the nutritional content.

Many experts agree that freeze-dried acai is the best, and we concur. We recommend only 100% pure organic freeze-dried acai from a reliable source such as 100% Pure Perfect Acai, because it is the healthiest way to enjoy the benefits of one of natures most nutritionally potent "super foods".

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